1. Press the short coupler sleeve on the larger bar and the extended coupler sleeve on the smaller bar.
  2. Insert the threaded rod completely into the extended coupler sleeve.icpt-position-transition-coupler-1
  3. Rotate the threaded rod in the opposite direction until it is completely inserted into the short coupler sleeve.icpt-position-transition-coupler-1
  4. Tighten the nuts to ensure strong attachment between the two bars.icpt-position-transition-coupler-1


INCON ICPT – Position Transition Coupler is composed of a short female coupler sleeve, an extended female coupler sleeve, a central bolt and two nuts that are used to connect bars of different sizes. The extended coupler sleeve is swaged on the bar with smaller diameter.


INCON ICPT – Position Transition Coupler is suitable for connecting bars of different diameters when rotation in both bars is restricted while the translational movement of only one bar is allowed.


Applicable for high strength reinforcing bars up to ASTM Grade 75.
Satisfies the requirements of ACI 318, BS 8110, UBC 1997, NF 35-20-1 and DIN 1045.
Significantly reduces construction time.
Accurate and fast connection of bars having different diameters and restricted against rotational movement.
Easily installed and highly efficient for preparing the splice and assembly on site.
Accurate splice length control due to the precise coupler joint.
Highly reliable and consistent performance due to our swaging technology and enhanced coupler design.
Compact design of the coupler to reduce reinforcement congestion.


Uncoated steel couplers for splicing steel bars in typical construction applications.
Zinc coated steel couplers for splicing steel bars in corrosive environments and for other special applications.
Stainless steel couplers for splicing stainless steel bars and for other special applications.
Galvanized steel couplers for splicing galvanized steel bars and for other special applications.