ITP – Position Coupler


1 – Upset the end of each reinforcing bars to form an enlarged region using INCON’s forging machine.

2 – Thread the forged ends of the bars using INCON’s threading machine. The longer thread consists of an effective portion that extends over the enlarged zone and an ineffective portion that allows the coupler to be inserted temporarily.

3 – Screw the ITP Coupler completely into the bar of longer thread length.

4 – Align the second bar with the coupler and ensure they are in direct contact with each other.

5 – Rotate the ITP Coupler and the lock nut in the opposite direction until the threads on the second bar are completely engaged.


ITP Coupler is composed of an internally threaded steel tube that connects two threaded bars of the same size but with different threaded length.


ITP Coupler is suitable for the most challenging connections when rotation in both bars is restricted while the transitional movement of only one bar is allowed.


Satisfies the requirements of Type 2 couplers for use with Grade 60 reinforcing bars.
Conforms to major building codes and standards including ACI 318, CSA A23.3, BS 8110 and DIN 1045.
Accurate and fast connection of steel bars that are restricted against rotational movement.
Easily installed and highly efficient for preparing the splice and assembly on site.
Compact design of the coupler to reduce reinforcement congestion.


Uncoated Steel: used with uncoated steel bars in typical construction applications.
Zinc-Coated Steel: used with zinc-coated bars and for other special applications.
Galvanized Steel: used with galvanized steel and for other special applications.
Epoxy-Coated Steel: used with epoxy-coated bars and for other special applications.
Stainless Steel: used with stainless steel bars and for other special applications.