IBP – Position Coupler

IBP – Position Coupler


1 – First screw both the lock nut and the coupler on the rebar with long thread.

2 – Put the rebar with the coupler on toward the other rebar, a gap not more than the Thread diameter is allowed.

3 – Thread the coupler on the thread of the other rebar, then secure the connection by tightening the lock nut.


The IBP coupler is the right solution to the tough situation where both rebars can’t rotate and even there is a gap between them, this is the usual case in rebar cage connection. With the extra length reserved in the extended coupler, the gap between the rebars can easily be covered and then the connection is securely locked with the lock nut. With our highly efficient Rebar upsetting machine and thread cutting machine, the IBP coupler is the most economical as well as reliable solution to the cage connection.


Remarkable gap coverage to make the bar cage connection easy and accurate.
Highly versatile, suitable for most splicing situations.
Short connector length, cost effective.
Installation can be done in any weather conditions, no power supply required.
Applicable for high strength rebar up to ASTM Grade 75.
Highly efficient for both preparing the splice and assembly on site.

Product Sizes and Dimensions: